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At Finish Line Staffing, we’re focused on building your crew so you can stay focused on the project at hand.

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Welcome to Finish Line Staffing, your go-to partner for all your skilled labor needs in the construction industry. With strategically placed, local recruiters and onsite-offices throughout the country, we connect highly qualified tradespeople with thousands of contractors looking to build crews. We understand that finding the right opportunity can be tough, but with our expertise and dedication, we'll have you crossing the finish line in no time.

Work With Experts

We Build Your Team:

We listen to what your project really needs and then put together the perfect crew for the job. It’s like having a custom-fit team, ready to go.

No Time Wasted:

We keep you moving so you’re not stuck waiting around. We know how to find the right people quickly, so your project hits the ground running.

Safety Is

We’re serious about keepingeveryone safe on the job and making sure all the rules are followed. Our teamsare trained and up-to-date on safety.

Quality Assurance:

We are committed to quality, making sure our teams meet and exceed your high standards, giving you peace of mind about your project's success.


We maximize your budget by getting the team right from the start, cutting costly do-overs and ensuring every dollar advances your project.

Long-Term Partnerships:

We're in it for the long run,not just one project. By really knowing your business, we ensure that everytime you need staff, the fit is just right.

Work Force Solutions

Work Force Solutions

With our nationwide network of skilled journeymen, foremen, apprentices, and helpers, we offer comprehensive staffing solutions for any construction project, no matter their location. Our ability to mobilize a diverse array of construction crews ensures that we can meet your project's specific needs with precision and efficiency.

Streamline Your Search for Electricians

For all your electrical challenges, from troubleshooting and repairs to planning and implementing new projects, we offer access to a diverse roster of qualified and licensed electricians. Our professionals span a range of expertise to serve every sector:

  • Industrial sector electricians
  • Commercial field electricians

Expert Concrete and Masonry Talent

We supply trained concrete and masonry professionals for any project size, known for their skill in all work phases. Our team includes:

  • Finishers for detailed concrete work
  • Form setters for concrete structures
  • Rod busters for concrete reinforcement
  • Craftsmen in the masonry trade

Precision Mechanical Expertise

Our exceptionally skilled experts work across diverse mechanical disciplines, adept at meeting a broad spectrum of industry requirements. They excel in:

  • Precision machinery installation
  • Advanced mechanical system diagnostics
  • Expertise in ensuring operational efficiency and safety

HVAC Workforce Experts

Our skilled HVAC professionals are adept in all aspects of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning. Our expertise encompasses:

  • Efficient installation
  • Optimal indoor air quality management

Your Pipeline to Skilled Plumbers

We understand the intricate requirements of plumbing installation, providing a selection of professional’s adept in all plumbing areas. From commercial to industrial projects, our plumbers deliver expertise in:

  • Commercial plumbing applications
  • Industrial plumbing systems


At Finish Line Staffing, we take safety seriously. We prioritize building teams with extensive experience and equipping them with the training and tools for smarter, safer work. By promoting a culture of confidence and safety, we create an engaged workforce, that values longevity and takes pride in our safety mission. Our dedication extends beyond our immediate team as we collaborate with partners and clients to enhance our safety protocols continually.

Why Choose Finish Line?

We take pride in our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction. When you choose us, you can expect top-notch service, reliability, and a seamless hiring process. At Finish Line Staffing we focus on integrity and compliance to employees and employers insures that our clients receive the best service we can offer. Our dedicated team is here to support you every step of the way, ensuring that your staffing needs are met efficiently and effectively.

"The best crews I have ever seen."

Gary E.

General Contractor

"You guys actually deliver what other companies promise."

John C.

General Contractor

"Their concrete carpenters are so strong we move them from job to job."

Chris J.

General Contractor

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